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    Grip-Tech offers FREE shipping, if you live in the USA, UK, Russia, North Korea, literally ANYWHERE, it's on us!

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    The launch of our Speed Build Pack was a wild success, but we realized their were still many improvements to be made. The NEW VICTORY ROYALE BUNDLE has it all. The Speed Build Pack v2.0 + Grip-Tech's NEW RAPID TAP TRIGGERS! Victory has never been so sweet.

Elevate Your Game.

Trying to get the upper hand on your opponents? Grip-Tech Advantage products are designed to reduce sweat and enable you to play at a higher level than ever before. 


What exactly is the "Advantage" I get from using Grip-Tech's?

The Precision Aim Pack is designed to add height to your controller thumb stick, while at the same time adding additional grip that is optimized for competitive gaming. The extra height adds a 40% LARGER 'ROM' or Range of Motion, allowing you to make much smaller adjustments to your aim.  The standard PS4/Xbox ONE thumbsticks are NOT designed with competitive shooter gaming in mind. Grip-Tech allows you to transform your standard controller, to a fully optimized Competitive weapon for Victory by allowing you to play on a higher sensitivity, aim 40% more accurate, and have a comfortable Grip the whole time.

What type of Controllers does Grip-Tech Fit?

The Precision Aim Pack fits EVERY console. However the Anti-Sweat Silicone Covers are currently only available for PS4

How long will shipping take?

Your order will be fulfilled within 48 hours of your purchase. Expect arrival in about 15 business days inside the USA, however in some rare cases delivery can take up to 40 days.

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This long shipping time is why we recently decided to make shipping FREE on ALL products

We are a young company starting out and are establishing an official fulfillment center where we can have you guys your products in 4-5 business days.