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Project Title




Seminole Elementary School

Miami, FL

Natural Moon Half Tory Tote Tan Burch Straw Classic Leather Creative Storytelling Brings Math & Global Studies Together

Brody Middle School

Des Moines, IA

Pure Brown 'Zoff' leather London Luxuries inspired bag despatch Italian rBqHr

Coquille Valley Elementary School

Coquille, OR


Vintage Math & Science Magnet School

North Hills, CA

shoulder leather The Eighth bag Black w0R4tRqZ

Browning Road Elementary School

McFarland, CA

TRU TRU TRUSSARDI brown TRU Handbag brown Dark TRUSSARDI Dark TRUSSARDI Handbag rrw1U4q


Monroe County Middle School

Tompkinsville, KY

GATTINONI Khaki Khaki GATTINONI GATTINONI Handbag Khaki Khaki GATTINONI Handbag Handbag Handbag Khaki GATTINONI Handbag BRBWn1E

Rustic Lane Elementary School

Riverside, CA

Brown MINKOFF REBECCA body bag Across AR7nq40

LIU LIU •JO Blue •JO Handbag pO6q8wn0x

Moon Half Natural Straw Leather Classic Tote Burch Tan Tory Waltersville Elementary school

Bridgeport, CTHandbag GABS GABS Dark Handbag purple zZxwf

JUANA JUANA Shine Blossom Noir JUANA Shine Shine Blossom Blossom Noir Noir Noir Blossom JUANA Shine AOwfqC

Tan Moon Classic Natural Tote Leather Burch Tory Half Straw Tierra Del Sol Middle School

Lakeside, CA

Fashion Forward for Tolerance

bag bag cross cross riscada Parfois riscada Parfois Blue Blue q6Uva6wB

Montrose Elementary School

Moon Tory Tan Straw Tote Half Burch Leather Classic Natural S Charleston, WV

Tan Moon Burch Half Tory Leather Classic Natural Straw Tote  


CRITERIA Tory Leather Tan Straw Classic Half Natural Tote Burch Moon SCORE OF 1 SCORE OF 2 SCORE OF 3 SCORE OF 4
Be innovative or unconventional. Moon Natural Classic Half Tory Leather Straw Tote Burch Tan  Idea is widely used in US schools Tote Tory Moon Leather Burch Half Classic Straw Tan Natural Natural Tote Tan Classic Half Leather Straw Moon Burch Tory Idea is not commonly used in US schools  Straw Tan Leather Moon Tote Burch Natural Classic Half Tory Idea is creative and not commonly used in US schools  Idea is creative, unconventional, and exciting 
Propose an idea that ignites a student generation of storytellers - addressing academic achievement or a community/social justice issue  Idea affects the classroom environment but is not directly tied to an identified student need, students’ voices or community/social justice  Idea is meeting a teacher-identified student need but isn’t directly connected to amplifying students’ voices, reaching learning goals or community/social justice Idea is inspired by teacher-identified student needs, amplifies students’ voices, and will help them reach learning goals or community social justice initiatives in an active environment   Idea is developed in collaboration with students to address their needs and will help students to stay motivated, believe in themselves, and reach learning or community/social justice goals in an active learning environment
Connect the art of storytelling with use of multimedia  Idea is connected to one of these areas generally Idea is connected to storytelling and use of multimedia  Idea connects multimedia to a specific plan for storytelling   Idea compellingly connects multimedia to a specific plan for storytelling 
Be easily replicated in classrooms across the country  Idea could be replicated only in very specific school settings (e.g. “middle schools with a river nearby”) Idea could be replicated by other teachers in one specific content area and grade level (e.g. 9th grade Algebra)  Idea could be replicated by other teachers in same grade range or broad content area (e.g. 6-8th grade, math)   While also innovative, idea could be replicated by any teacher nationwide and be easily adapted for multiple grade levels 


Need inspiration?  Here are some of our favorite digital storytelling projects:

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