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Been using Quicken for many years, and in the past year my connection with my bank for downloading transactions just stops working. I don't get an error or anything, but after several weeks I'll notice the balance on the account doesn't match my online balance. I have to go into the connection settings, reset each of my three accounts with this bank, and then they sync. Inevitably the connection breaks within a couple of weeks. Any ideas?

Rich Ochs

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Posted 8 months ago

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I would say it,but my reply would get removed. LOL

Steven Brower

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I just switched to the new Quicken and I am having the same problem with WFB.  It works when I set it up and then the next day it doesn't - no error message, I just don't get my transactions.  This isn't okay - the major reason I upgraded from QW2016 to the new subscription was because I want seamless online banking into the future and because they said I get Billpay for free.  So how can the new wonderful code base not handle updates from major banks?

Carl Holscher

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I've been using quicken since 2001.  As well as quicken bill pay service for an additional $9.99 per month.  Recently it all fell apart.  Transactions not downloading ..so I manually downloaded from the sight.  Then bill pay service was failing ... defect after defect.  late payments mismatched payments.  So I stopped .. I shut off service after almost 20 years.  How can quicken get it so wrong.?  Now I'm hearing 2018 comes with a subscription.. Ok  how much?  and what's the point of buying?  Seems like its full of defects as well.  Explain to me why Quicken deserves my business.?  I'll just start to do every thing by hand again before I blow money every month on a subscription.

I hear ya man, I'm in the same dang boat. We are trying to run a business here. Can't go 3-4 days or a week/weeks without a proper download, and without having to CONSTANTLY RESET my accounts. It's like if I reset one (the commercial) then it stops recognizing my other accounts, or if I then reset one of those because they stopped downloading transactions, then it stops recognizing my Biz account. This is especially unnerving because if you can't keep on top of your account activity, what if somebody then hacked you and you did not have daily updated activity (True I can always log into my individual bank/credit card accounts and check, BUT what's the point of having Quicken do it then? (And upping the price of a subscription for functions that do not work properly). Once they added mobile access and syncing, that's when all the problems started. And I also noticed when resetting the accounts (besides that it takes FOREVER and ALOT of prompts for the answers to Security questions keep coming up)... not to mention it keeps asking the SAME security questions over and over (like its stuck), it taking FOREVER, and then when it finally comes up with the dialog box with "we found these accounts" is it this one or one of these..." not all the accounts are listed (and it used to have a function where you could "link" or "ignore" each account, because you are only working with one, so in other words (don't change anything on the other accounts because they are fine) but NO, then the problems start all over again. I realize I am venting right here because it makes me SO MAD that it doesn't work right. I have you beat Carl, because I've been using Quicken since 1994! I am a LOYAL customer. I could probably run a report on how much money I've paid Quicken over the past 24 years... It should work right. This issue has been happening over and over since before October 2017. I can't even remember when it worked right, but I do remember that it was after one of the updates. Funny how I'm having new fun problems with the new updates. *Bonus*
In other thread titled  QWin: Associated Bank One Step Update Stopped Functioning the user Artic Hare posted the following steps as possible solution to clean up Express Web Connect problems.  So maybe that will help someone:

Most Express Web Connect connectivity issues can be resolved (permanently) by executing the procedure below.  It is important that you follow procedure precisely. Don't skip steps or use alternate methods.Please post (detailed) results.

To start, as a diagnostic test, create a new Quicken file and try to set up your Express Web Connect downloads in the newly created file. If you can successfully download via EWC into the new file (and maintain the correct currency setting for all affected accounts), then deactivate the online connections in the test file and go back to your old/original file and complete the following procedure, being careful to follow it exactly and not skip any steps. If you were able to download into the new file, executing the following procedure will likely resolve your downloading issues. 

  1. Create a copy of your data file using File-->File Operations --> Copy;
  2. Open the newly created copy;
  3. Go into Tools-->Account List
  4. For all active Express Web Connect (EWC) connections, including Hidden accounts, click on Edit then click on the Online Services tab. Then click "Deactivate". Before closing each Account Details dialogue box, delete the financial institution name and account number from the General tab. Note: you do not have to deactivate Direct Connect or Web Connect connections; leave those activated.
  5. Once you are done deactivating all EWC connections, go to Tools-->Online_Centre and hold down CTRL + SHFT while you click on UPDATE/SEND button or the "UPDATE ACCOUNTS" button (it is labelled differently between versions). [Note: some users cannot complete this step because they have an EWC LINKed mortgage account that can't be deactivated. If this applies to you, contact Quicken tech support for a method to deactivate the EWC connected mortgage]
  6. Close Quicken [don't skip this step]
  7. Re-open Quicken
  8. Create a copy of your data file using File Operations --> Copy;
  9. Open the newly created copy;
  10. Perform a file validate: File_Operations-->Validate&Repair-->Validate_File-->OK; if this first validate finds an account error, referencing an account with a name similar to "ACCT_24" or "ACCT_2c" or anything starting with "TEMP", which don't appear in your account list or category list, then the validate process is flushing out the corruption causing the unknown account type in EWC setup.
  11. Perform another file copy again using File Operations --> Copy;
  12. Again, open the newly created file.
  13. Validate the file again; if this second validate finds a problem with a category, which wasn't found on the first validate then you are continuing the process of flushing out the corruption causing the "Unknown Type" in the EWC setup.
  14. Perform another file copy again using File Operations --> Copy;
  15. Again, open the newly created file.
  16. Validate the file again; typically, there will be no error found this time, but if you do find another account error, repeat the cycle until no account or category issues are found.
  17. Go to Account list, click on Edit for one of the files for which you want to re-setup Express Web Connect, Click on the Online_Services tab, click Setup and follow the instructions.
  18. When you get to the dialogue box where you can ADD, LINK, or IGNORE accounts, be certain that you LINK the accounts. It is critical that you pick the link account from the pick list even if Quicken appears to have proposed the correct link automatically. Don't just accept the auto LINK.
  19. Once the setup process completes, you'll probably be back up and running
  20. bag cross Tan body Oasis 'Louise' You may have duplicate transactions, which you can accept into the register (if not accepting automatically) and delete
Btw, Quicken is removing posts that don't reflect kindly on them.  I posted a response critical of Quicken Harolds post and it was promptly removed.  If anything, Quicken Harolds flippant post ought to be removed.

I'm not sure Quicken Harold ( or whoever is removing the posts ) knows that we get emails when this thread is updated.  So we can see the deleted posts before he removes them.  So I think deleting them just make things look worse.
Lol, a rant!.  The reason he gave for deleting my post was sarcasm!  I had said something about his post being hilariously useless and he took offense.  Anyways, I liked your posts so you'll earn more points, yippie!  He must have gone home for the day now since these haven't been deleted yet.

Oasis body 'Louise' Tan cross bag 
See... that was positive :) and I mean I said I LOVED it... I'm just here to support my fellow Quickeners. (:


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I have never been on such a forum that had such restrictions. Especially,when the user has paid for a product.


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Why have a forum if all you're going to do is delete ppl's posts..... WOW I got 170 points just today! AND a BADGE. hmmm *getsatisfaction.com* *goes and reads online reviews*.... I'm feeling kind of trollish today I guess. My day was going fine until... Quicken... I guess Tech support is very busy moderating these Help Forums since Jan 1, 2018. *deletes*
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body Oasis cross bag Tan 'Louise'
My Comerica Bank Express Web Connect stopped working. I talked at length with a Comerica tech support person and this is what I understand: Comerica security applies a "risk factor" to each account. The risk factor is heightened each time you log in from different servers--for example your IP and Quicken's server. Some accounts ask for a secondary security question after the connect by Quicken. However, they don't always do it. As the tech guy explained it: "Quicken has not figured out a way to handle the secondary question (like:"what was your first pet's name") that does not come up all the time. He explained they "are working on it." A short-lived fix would be to change your logon ID on your bank's website and also change it in the Quicken vault. He said this would "reset your "risk factor---for awhile" but that the problem would probably creep back in to the account with the new login ID.


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Oh ma gosh, that is sooooo dumb (gonna get deleted/banned soon)... That was their opinion. Anytime I've talked with my bank and tried to apply their fixes, it always comes down to having to go back to Quicken Tech Support. However if the new guy hired a bunch of noobs, then that's why it's January 11th and we still do not have a concrete answer to this issue. I thought I would skirt all the "new version" issues by converting back in November/December, but Happy New Year to me! I have had this same issues with at least 3 different credit cards and it is always blamed on them "Chase Bank" or blah blah blah. I'm not that dumb. I can connect the dots. The common denominator is always Quicken. I'm going to go to sleep tonight stressing over my Quicken program (bookkeeping is what I do), and PRAYING that they find a solution very soon. I believe it is connection issues. Every time there is an update, and/or banks have "Security upgrades/updates"or changes in the way they do things (which I realize is very important to data security) there are isssssssues with Quicken. Today I'm just gonna blame it on the Russian hackers. They prolly did it. *Oh BTW Dan, I got ANOTHER BADGE! 250 *woot woot* *delete delete delete*

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